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Fence Company Santa Barbara, Ca has been providing fence installation and repair services for many years. We offer a wide variety of fencing types to meet all your needs. From chain wood fences to iron fences, we have you covered. Our company is committed to delivering quality service at affordable prices.

We are the best fence company in Santa Barbara because our workmanship is unmatched by any other fence company in the area. Whether it’s privacy or safety that you need, get the peace of mind that comes with having a great fence protecting your property from unwanted visitors.

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Vinyl Fence

When you’re looking for a home improvement project, building a fence can be the perfect solution. With vinyl fences, you get durability and style in one complete package. This is the reason they are the most requested type of fence among others. When you want to add a new look and feel to your property, vinyl fences are an excellent choice. They come with different designs, color options and are low maintenance.

Iron Fence

When you need a security system, think iron fencing from Fence Company San Diego. We aren’t like other fence companies–we keep your interests in mind every step of the way with safe commercial security that looks great and is built to stand up to any challenge. And nowhere else will you find fences so attention-grabbing as ours, with clean lines that are guaranteed to turn heads and withstand heavy traffic loads without missing a beat.

Wood Privacy Fence

Privacy and safety are a big concern for most homeowners, especially those residing in densely populated areas. With our help, you can get the fences that will keep thieves from entering your backyard. You’ll also have peace of mind that your kids or pets can’t wander off in the street.

We’re not your typical fence company, which is why we don’t just make one type of fence and offer it for everyone in Santa Barbara County. We’ll take the time to get a feel for what you’re looking for before designing something exclusive just for you that matches your property’s aesthetics as well as works effectively with its layout so that there are no holes or gaps where intruders can sneak through. And if you need any repairs, later on, our team will be able to do them without having to bring in outside help–saving both time and money.

Aluminum Fence

Tired of spending money on repairs and replacement fences that will only last a few years? Consider aluminum. Aluminum is resistant to rot, rust, and environmental elements so it’s sure to remain strong for many years. Along with being low maintenance over the long term, aluminum also has a sleek but sophisticated look that is sure to improve your property value while simultaneously keeping installation costs down and maintenance fees low.

Whether you’re looking for an attractive new aluminum fence or need us to come to fix your old one, we are here for you. We offer aluminum fence installation and repair services in Santa Barbara, CA so give us a call now to get started.

Wood Fence

We offer a wide selection of wood fences for any budget. We offer long-lasting and cost-efficient wood that will blend into the landscape rather than contrast it. Wood fences are easy to modify and create the design of your choice.

Wood fences are a popular choice because they provide an affordable option for homeowners and businesses alike, who want to have the security of a fence but don’t need it to be too tall or difficult to install. We can build your wood fence in a variety of styles including privacy fences, garden fences, picket fencing, and more!

Commercial Fencing

Improved your property’s safety with a modern reinforced fence from Fence Company Thousand Oaks. Our variety of fences will work for any type of business, big or small, industrial or residential. 

Choosing the right fencing is critical to keeping trespassers out and ensuring that you stay safe on your own premises. With great choices in materials and styles, you are sure to find one just right for you.

Our fences are the best in Santa Barbara County and Southern California. We only use the finest material and professional team to install. If you have another fence type or material that is in mind, call us and we will be happy to check its availability for you.

Let’s get you set up today and see what we can do for your property!